Why Should I Have my Plan Evaluated Every Year?

Change is everywhere.  Seasons change, styles change, and Medicare options change.  Whether you love or hate change, each year, the annual Medicare Open Enrollment (October 15 – December 7) is full of changes in your Medicare health insurance plans for the following year.  It is important to review your plan each year with Jim or Dora at Anchor Advisors who are trained to explain and show you the specific changes your current plan may have for the upcoming year, and also explain options that may better suit your needs.  Most plans make changes in the following areas:

  • Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D premiums
  • Out-of-Pocket costs
  • Expensive drug-pricing tiers
  • Approved pharmacies
  • How a plan voters your drugs; and
  • Doctor and hospital networks


Call or email Jim and Dora at Anchor Advisors at (814)406-9977 to schedule a NO FEE health insurance review appointment before Open Enrollment is over.

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